Starting Over

Starting at the beginning is not always easy.

Starting over is never easy.

You fall into a sort of complacency that becomes way too comfortable; so starting over and at the beginning seems almost as a failure in some ways.

But in other ways it is just that; starting over, starting a new.

I started this blog originally writing what I thought other people wanted to hear, what would make other people happy to know, to read.  That was the biggest mistake I could have ever made.  Writing for my blog to please other people hasn’t made it my blog.  This blog is mine, and I need to reclaim it.

If you don’t like what I have to say, then stop reading.  I said it before and I will say it again; I will probably cuss, discuss things you don’t like, and maybe even make you laugh.

I’m here for me this time.

So I ask that you bare with me a bit while I revamp some things on my blog and take it back for myself.  I spent too much time making it what I thought it should be, what I thought people wanted it to be.  Now I am doing it for me.

Do I regret any of what I wrote or posted before; yes and no.  I wish I would have rethunk (SHUSH, it is a word) a lot of it before I posted…before I hit publish….before the words flowed out.  Some of the previous writing was from my heart and true but a lot of it was written on emotion and that is no way to write I have learned.  When you write on emotion you often make no sense….or bruise your own ego….or write half truths….or hurt people.

And for that I apologize.  I just hope you can forgive me.


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