The Ones about Me

A Letter to 2011

Dear 2011,

My, it seems like you got here fast.  I am not even really sure what happened to 2010.  It seemed to fly by so very fast.  For some it was a better year, for some it was a good year, for others it was a bad year….and even for a few the worst year so far.

I am starting you off in California just as I started 2010, but 2010 was full of still adjusting to a new state, a new city, a new place.  2010 was still accepting that I was far away from friends, far away from family…far away from things and places that were familiar to me.

So 2011, I plan to make you the year of adjustment by accepting that I am close to friends; and by finding new things and places that are familiar to me.  In 2011, California will become home.

I don’t think I was fair to 2010 in many ways.  One of the first things I was told after my diagnosis of depression was not to make any major changes (such as a move) in the first year of “recovery” and well just like everything else in life; I didn’t look before I leapt and we moved a mere 3 months after my diagnosis.  As much as I wanted the change, I don’t think I was as ready or strong enough for it as I claimed (or even tried) to be.

I did and said things in 2010 that I am not proud of and I hurt some people in the process; people that I care about and should not have hurt.  I’d like to blame it on my depression but in 2011 I am going to stop hiding behind my illness, using it as an excuse.  Because quite frankly, 2011, that is what I have been doing since I was diagnosed.

Already from what I hear, things are looking up.  I have heard that the economy is making an upward turn.  Unemployment is dropping.  More people who need jobs are actively looking for employment and finding it.  Employed people are taking steps to find better jobs or making their own more profitable.

2011, you hold my 31st year.  I have survived through three decades and I will survive through you.  However, I am expecting you to make the start of my next three decades the best I have ever had so when 61 rolls around in 2041; I can tell it to be even more kick ass than you have been.




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