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My 2011 Resolutions…

This was supposed to post on Friday January 31, 2010…I apparently set up my auto post incorrectly:

…or maybe this should be titled, “lies to myself I intend to break”.  Because lets face it, that is what resolutions are, lies to ourselves.  I mean I don’t know about you but 99% of the time I make a resolution and then break it….I think maybe they are meant to break.

It is said to change (or unchange) a habit you must do it three consecutive times.  So perhaps that is the stance that needs to be taken with resolutions…three consecutive doings (or not doings) of a particular habit or action to adapt to a new habit or action.

My 2011 Resolutions:

  1. Take better care of me – both my physical and mental health, because if I am not healthy it is not only unfair to me but it is unfair to everyone around me.
  2. Eat healthier – We don’t eat horribly but there are some areas that could use some tune ups.  I think the first step is to start limiting the amount we eat out, and to find healthier recipes to cook at home.
  3. Exercise – I have a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness I need to start using it again.  I feel better physically and mentally when I exercise.
  4. Focus on mine – I need to focus more on my family and what we need; and not worry so much about other things.
  5. Clear the Clutter – A spring cleaning of sorts…just clean out and purge because this year I full believe that less IS more.
  6. Make Connections – new ones and rekindle some of the old ones.
  7. Write Letters – this year I want to write more hand written letters and cards; because who doesn’t love getting mail?
  8. Make Money – this year I will find a way to make money; I have plenty of opportunities out there, I just need to start using them.
  9. Smile More – I feel better when I am smiling and I have noticed when there is a smile on my face, it tends to put a smile on other people’s faces.
  10. Be Myself – and not worry so much about what other people think about me, because who else knows how to be me but me.

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