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A Picture of Courage

A picture of courage dons my profile picture for facebook.  I have gotten a lot of messages questioning why my profile picture was changed to this, as well as the profile picture of a few of my facebook friends (who also happen to be family members).

So I thought I would explain the change of the profile picture for those of you who have asked, or even if you haven’t and are wondering the reason behind the change.

It is all about a little boy.  His name is Jaxson Courage LaRue.  Jaxson is my great nephew, he is Richard’s nephew’s son.  This is Jaxson:

Jaxson is fighting a battle, he has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, where nerve cells become cancerous. He has a baseball sized tumor in his left abdominal cavity.  Jaxson just turned one year old.

So my facebook profile picture of courage is for Jaxson; and every prayer I say has him in it.  And ask all of you, to please include Jaxson in your prayers as well.

You know it is said that God never gives us anything we can’t handle; but I look at what he gives me, my friends, my family to handle and wonder sometimes, “What made you think I/we/you could handle this?”.  I wish I had that answer but I do not, and maybe someday the reason behind it will be shown to us, but for now it just doesn’t seem fair for someone so little to have to go through this.

There is some good news in this; the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread, nor is it in his bones or bone marrow.  His dad has been good about posting up dates and all the information on facebook for the family to know the latest updates.

If you would like to know more about neroblastoma, you can read about it here:



5 thoughts on “A Picture of Courage”

  1. Kel,

    I wish only the best for this little guy. Prayers to him and his family. Put it in God’s hands, and he will help.

    Much love <3,



  2. Excellent article about our great nephew. I couldn’t have said it any better. I’m also pleased you changed your profile pic in support of Jaxson. Luv ya!!!


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