Remembering 9/11 – Ten Years Later

My post isn’t anything special or even out of the ordinary from some of the others I have read today. But this is what I remember about ten years ago today:

September 2001 started overly joyously for me.

On September 2nd, after days of denying I was pregnant I took a home test that confirmed I was indeed pregnant.

On September 7th, I married my husband.

On September 9, I went to the doctor who confirmed the home test.

On September 11th, I questioned everything.

I lived in Katy, Texas; outside of Houston on September 11th.  I got up that morning and checked my email prior to going to work and taking Rob to his daycare like I had done every morning before.  I remember opening Internet Explorer and seeing the headline about the first plane hitting the towers.  No one knew what to think at that point but the words terrorism nor attacks had been said yet.

On the way taking Rob to his daycare the second tower was struck.  I was just in shock.  I had no idea what was going on or why these things were happening.

And I was really upset and really angry because I was in Houston, Texas and this was happening far away from me.  I felt hopeless, I wanted to be able to do more and all I could do was watch and listen.

I don’t even remember the drive to work, it was all a blur after that.  I do remember a client coming into the office, and all of us where in the back watching the TV in the break room, all in disbelief.  I walked to the front of the building and the client had no idea that any of it had happened, he had driven straight to the office from his house and had been listening to an audio book.  The look on his face as I was describing what was going on is something I will never forget.

I remember watching the towers fall, Flight 93 and the Pentagon.

I remember saying, “Oh My God” and “Unbelievable” and “I cannot believe this” and “Holy Shit” A LOT that day.

Rob’s daycare was run by Lebanese family who received death threats that day because they were Muslim.  These threats came after the towers fell. They cancelled daycare for the rest of that day and for the next 2 weeks following the attacks. People pulled their kids out of the daycare and refused to return them even after they reopened. The owners son was beaten pretty badly by the father of one of the children who went there because he blamed them for what happened because they were Muslim.

I remember Houston, as well as many other large cities, basically shut down as a precaution.

I remember a friend’s husband being stuck in Pennsylvania because of flights being grounded, but she was glad for this.

I remember my sister in law being in California and having to take bus home to Houston because of flights being grounded.

I remember a woman asking me how I could bring a child into a world full of so much hate.

I remember questioning if I should have Alex, if I should bring him into a world that was, well this…this world of so much hate.

I remember doing a lot of crying. And a lot of questioning. And more crying. And more questioning.

And like many others, I remember all the flags that came out, all the patriotism, all the support and love for our country.  Patriotism, support and love that you don’t see now and haven’t seen since that time.


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