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Without Internet

Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Blogging without Internet. Thank goodness for my phone this week, cause I might have more serious withdraw than I already am. See this is what happens when your husband waits till he is out of town to schedule things like new internet providers and cable tv switches. I think he does it on purpose.

In many ways that scares me. I do a lot of things that are internet based and this week is teaching me that I need to disconnect more from that. I am learning things about my kids I didn’t know, I have been involved in church, I went to volunteer events, and have gone out with friends.

I know too many people who don’t disconnect at all. Their phone is constantly in their hands to text or tweet or Facebook or message in some way shape or form. You never know if they are paying attention to you or what’s going on because of that. It is distracting to everyone involved and I am noticing now, plain out rude.

Till my internet is back, this is what you get, because have you ever tried to type a whole blog post on a cell phone? Not fun. Not that I am a regular blogger anyways.

So you might see posts from me about watching tv (FOOTBALL) on Facebook or Twitter, but mostly I’ll be playing board games with my kids.


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