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2011 Christmas Wish List

My 2011 Christmas Wish List:

1.  Bath & Body Works Scents:


Country Chic        Japanese Cherry Blossom           Paris Amour

2.  These Boots:

Women’s Merona® Kamischel Suede Lug Sole Boots – Grey

3.   This Camera, because who doesn’t want instant business card sized photos:

4.  A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:

5.  This quilt, because it is Dolphin colors (GO PHINS!):

Actually that one should probably say anything Dolphins. 🙂

6.  Anything from here

7.  A trunk organizer (similar to this one):

8.  This USB drive:

9. This K and J stackable rings:


10.  These, because do you really need to ask?:

11. These bandages:

12.  Purse Hanger/Mirror (any one of these):


Item 2 is from Target, Items 4,8, 10 & 11 are from Urban Outfitters, Items 5, 7, & 12 are from Red Envelope and Item 1 is from Bath and Body Works.

Item 3 I found by googling cameras on the Fuji site.

Item 6 can be found on the website Destination Dinners, which is actually a pretty cool.


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