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Happy Tenth Birthday, Alex

Dear Alex,

Today you are ten.

It seems like such a big number.


A whole decade.


Double digits.


You aren’t quite a man, but not quite a child.


I never imagined ten years ago when I birthed you how different my world or the world in general would be.  I found out I was pregnant with you just days before September 11th and so much has been changed because of that day. But so much more has been changed because you are in our lives.

In the ten years of your life we have lived in three states.  You turned every age from birth to eight in the state of Texas, the age of nine was spent in the state of California, and now ten comes to you in the state of Florida.

You wrote a story about yourself in which you said you were born on February 1, 2002; a cryless baby in Houston, Texas.  Well it was actually Katy, Texas but close enough. And as for cryless, well you hardly made a noise. You were always smiling and happy.

Always smiling.


You are one of the brightest ten year olds I know, you are one of the brightest kids I know. Your wit and smarts and humor is what makes you so amazing and I hope that you never change. You have a charm about you that attracts everyone to you, even in a room full of 100 people.

I love you, dad loves you, your brother loves you, and your sister loves you.  And yes, yet again; you have won the heart of the four-legged family member in our house as you have become “Yogi’s boy”.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Alexander William James

February 1, 2002
February 1, 2012

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