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Tuesday Truths – Tired


I am tired.

Tired of …

…feeling overweight.

…being overweight.

…feeling unhealthy.

…being unhealthy.

…not being able to buy a piece of clothing I want because it doesn’t come in my “size”.

…having to get the next size up so it will fit.

…having clothes I cannot wear.

…being depressed over my weight.

…seeing the numbers 180, 190 and 200.

And I am the ONLY one who can DO something ABOUT it!

So I am, cause as I said…..I am tired of it all.

And I am not calling myself ‘fat’ but I AM overweight. I AM unhealthy. I AM uncomfortable. I AM unhappy with my body. There is no getting use it or loving myself. I can’t do so when I know that the weight I am at is unhealthy for me.


Fat Tuesday is today……so I celebrated. Last time in a long time I am going to eat like I did today. I am going to do a junk food challenge for 21 days. A fast food challenge for 30 days. I have work outs planned, a work out buddy. Going to try Body by Vi shakes. I am going to change what we eat (because I know how to), be more active (because I should) and make a life change not only for me but for my whole family cause we could all use the healthy side of this.

I’ve talked about it too much, now is the time for action. I am going to track my progress on my blog (pictures and all).

So, Kelli, let’s do this!


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