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Redesigning Me

I use to take time and pride in my looks, how I dressed, my nails, my hair, wearing jewelry, picking out purses and shoes that matched just so. I always thought I had a decent sense of style even if it wasn’t the best sense of style out there (others may beg to differ with me though). I cared about how I looked and took pride in it. But a lot of that changed when my depression got worse because I frankly didn’t care, and even when I did….I didn’t.

That has been hard for me to do over the few last year. I have tried but with the extra weight it is hard to feel comfortable in any clothes, and the large the size I have to get; the less uncomfortable I feel shopping. I have a set of things I wear and have pretty much worn out because they are the only things that fit me. I’m tired of seeing the same things on me and I am sure other people are as well.

I want to redesign myself with my style, my clothes, my hair, my looks; pretty much all of it. I started recently with cutting and styling my hair more regularly then once a year. I have taken the time lately to get pedicures done on a more regular basis (although I still go too long in between) and want to get the Sally Hansen Salon Effect nail color strips for my nails because it is a waste to spend the time and money on a manicure when my nails chip and break as much as they do now that I am typing all the time at work.

I have a closet (and 2 totes) full of clothes that I cannot wear because my size is too big for them. Do I expect to be a size 0 again, no I don’t. Do I want to be a size 0, no I don’t. I want to be a healthy weight that I am comfortable and happy with. A weight I can honestly say I love my body and mean it. Is that 10 lbs from where I am now? 20? 30? I don’t know. I won’t know till the weight starts coming off and I start feeling healthier.

And as the clothes start to fit again it will definitely feel good to be able to wear some of those things I see hanging in my closet that I don’t dare touch because I know how I will look in them. Or to be able to open those totes (that have been packed since before we moved to California from Texas almost 3 years ago) and be able to wear the things in there I saved because I promised myself SOMEDAY!


I have started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge (for more information about the program see here) through my friend Genny.  I did all of my measurements today, took my weight down and am ready for a transformation. I am only doing one shake a day (probably lunch) and am going to eat healthy the other meals. I am also going to return to working out at the YMCA since I have a membership.

I am determined because I know I feel better, look better and am healthier when I eat better and exercise. My energy is better as well.

So I am going to track my progress both here on my blog and here.


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