The Ones about Me

In case you were wondering…

…this is why I had surgery.

Surgery was scheduled for 9:30 am (EST) Thursday August 23; and it seems so easy. I am told it is pretty routine and common. Common makes it sound so ordinary. And after talking to some people, it is just that, ordinary. I don’t know if knowing that makes me feel any less apprehensive about it all.

I have had surgery before, so I don’t know what the big deal is this time. Maybe it is the amount of time I have had to think about it all. Maybe it is that the other surgeries I had weren’t exactly planned.

When I broke my arm, I knew surgery was needed but the way that the whole event happened it wasn’t exactly scheduled surgery.

My daughter was c-section but that wasn’t exactly planned either. I walked into the doctor’s office on Wednesday April 12, 2006 at 9:15 am to a OB who said, “ready to have this baby? Alright, lets do this then.” And I was in the hospital at 6:00 pm that evening.

My gallbladder surgery was an emergency as well, so no planning there.

This however has been scheduled for over two weeks. Two weeks of pondering. Worrying. Wondering. Googling (which by the way if you have a major medical thing going on Do. Not. Google. It!)

I had my first pap smear in six years (yes you read that right, six years) on June 27. I received the letter that the pap smear had come back abnormal while I was on vacation over July 4th week. I called the doctor as soon as I got back and she scheduled a coloscopy for July 16 and which time a biopsy was decided to be done. There was supposed to be three biopsies done, five were done in total as well as an internal scraping.

Two very agonizing weeks later on July 30, I got the results of the biopsies:  the results read: High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion (HSIL), Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Moderate to Severe (CIN2/3), or in terms I could understand external cells show cancerous and internal cells show pre-cancerous. The next step was to do a cone biopsy which was scheduled for Thursday August 23.

Yesterday was the surgery, and although I am in pain; the doctor said she got a clean cut and that we will have the results of this biopsy with in a week time. There is still more waiting but I feel good about it all. I trust my doctor and she seems to think that this procedure has taken care of all of it.

I will update once I have the results back. Until then, lets hope and pray for the best.


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