The Ones about Me, Thursday


Post-op appointment was today. Got good news, pathology came back all upper level margins are clean. This means that the amount of tissue taken from the cervix was enough to remove all of the external cells that were showing cancerous have been removed and there are currently no precancerous cells in the readings either.

Now back to regular checks. Pap smears will be done every three months with the first one at the visit and the next one in January and then again in March. Once there are three normal readings over every three months, then we go to every six months. Once there are three normal readings over every six months, then I can return to yearly checks. If there are any abnormal readings at all, the next step will be partial or full hysterectomy.

So now, I just hope and pray that everything stays clean and normal. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved am I that these are the results I received. All I can say now is please, please; PLEASE keep up with your check-ups and pap smears. It is important.


1 thought on “Post-Op”

  1. It is very important to have those annual check-ups and also ladies please, Please, PLEASE check your breasts for lumps. If you don’t know how, there is so much information online to help you determine what is and isn’t normal. When in doubt get it checked. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be a statistic!


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