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Good Bye 2012

Dear 2012,

My you certainly had your ups and your downs didn’t you? And as soon as we thought it was finally mellowing out, you had something in your back pocket to whip out.

Although you weren’t the best year, your certainly weren’t the worst for me either. You were definitely kinder than 2009, 2010 or 2011; and far better than 2008.

And you definitely threw your blows. And some blows were brutal enough to make people fight back. Some blows caused us to turn the other cheek. Some of those blows were mere taps, while others were simply devastating. Each of those blows affected all of us in way or another, whether we were direct recipients of the blow or not.

2012, you went by fast. Every year I say the years seem to go by faster but you really flew. It seemed like you started 2012 and now BOOM you are gone. With all that did or didn’t happen during your time, maybe it is better you didn’t linger.

So, to you 2012, I say farewell. You will be remembered. Please tell 2013 to be kind.




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