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2013 Resolutions

Resolutions for 2013

I make resolutions every year, some I keep and some I break. I wonder sometimes if I should make them because of the pressure to complete them. My husband calls them goals, and maybe if I looked at them that way I would achieve more of them.

So my goals for 2013 are as follows:

1. Health – every year, every month, every week I say I am going to eat better, exercise more….and for a short time I do but then I fall right back into the bad eating and laziness of not exercising. It is stupid cause I feel better when I eat better and exercise but it is easier to do and be the other way. Now with having diabetes my health is really a factor. So, my first goal for 2013 is to get healthy, all of us…no excuses, no laziness.

2. Family – Spend more time with my family instead of sitting on the couch on a Saturday or Sunday, I want to take more time to get out and do things with my kids and husband. Which leads me to my next one…

3. Parks – Visit every state park in Florida this year I want to visit every state park in Florida with the kids. Some I have been to but it has been a long time.

4. Faith – this year I will incorporate faith, God and church into our life more. I don’t want to be an occasional church goer anymore, and I want to instill faith in my children.

5. Organization – I say I am going to be better organized and stay less cluttered and 2013 is going to be the year it happens.

6. Friends – I will make more time for my friends this year. I live back in my hometown where a lot of people I grew up with still live yet I don’t take the time to make plans with them. That will change this year.

7. Charity – I will be more giving this year, and teach my kids this as well. I will help random people as well as give to my charities of choice in 2013.

8. Football – I love professional football. I know quite a bit but would like to know more and understand the game better. I’d also like to do fantasy this year, more then just the Perfect Challenge the NFL offers. And I would like to go to both a Miami Dolphin and Houston Texans game when the 2013 season starts.

9. Save – I will save more money this year. I will put myself on a budget, stick to it and put money in savings and away for retirement. I will get my kids to save more. I want to reestablish the envelope system and have them put money in for spend, short term goal, long term goal, save and charity.

10. Complete – this year I will start something and complete it. I will start 30 day challenges and not complete them. I will complete things this year.


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