Acts of Kindness, Houston

One Act Of Kindness

I have been carrying large sized re-useable grocery bags in my car with gallon jugs of water, pretzels, raisins, chicken & tuna salad kits and other little snack foods.

I gave the last one to a homeless woman today who’s sign simply said,

“One act of kindness means a million to another.”

She sobbed when I handed her the bag. Not just tears, full on sobbing; and told me aside from picking through the garbage she hadn’t eaten in almost three weeks. I told her it wasn’t a lot of stuff but she said it was more then she’d had in a long time. Then she said genuinely,

” God bless you”

And she meant it.

Three weeks with no food besides picking through garbage. That is ringing through my ears.

My heart felt joy for helping her, and ache at the same time.

She was maybe 25. I don’t know her story or why she is where she is but I feel like I was put in front of her for a reason.


2 thoughts on “One Act Of Kindness”

  1. you found some stuff on my pintrest Brian S (theduckseason) just wanted to say this is an awesome story. and inspires me to make a kit for the same reason.


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