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Day Twenty-Five: Christmas Movies Top Ten

Everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit and starting to watch Christmas movies. I have seen friends post on Facebook asking, “What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie”. Here is my Top Ten go to list for Christmas movies:

*in no particular order*

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – this is a must watch. It is one we watch on Christmas Eve. It is a classic in it’s own right. It is one of my daughter’s favorites.

Elf – Two words: Will. Ferrell.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – As a lover of Snoopy, all of the Charlie Brown holiday specials are a must watch for that holiday. A Charlie Brown Christmas is probably the best of all of the Peanut Gang holiday movies.

A Christmas Story – the obnoxiousness of the movie makes it all worth it for being a holiday movie. We can all understand Ralphie’s plight to get the one Christmas gift he wants more than anything in the world.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – The animated version from 1967 is a classic and true to the Dr. Seuss story. You can’t help but love little Cindy Lou Who and have contentment for the Grinch until he ultimately understands what Christmas is truly about thanks to the constant pursuit by Cindy Lou.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – The live version for all the reasons above in the animated version. Despite your thoughts on Jim Carrey he was prefect for the role of the Grinch as an in real life character.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol – The Christmas Carol story is a classic, adding Disney characters just makes it that much better.

The Holiday – A Christmas movie and Rom-Com in one. Great cast, fun plot.

The Nativity Story – The story of the birth of Jesus Christ, who after all is the reason for the season and holiday. The story begins in the Roman province of Judea with the portrayal of the Massacre of the Innocents in the Nativity. The remainder of the film portrays the annunciation and birth of Jesus Christ to explain why King Herod the Great ordered the murder.

The Polar Express – an animated tale about belief. Tom Hanks plays multiple rolls. The book is just as good as the movie.