2019, Blogging

2019…moving forward

I have slipped up lately and not posted daily, or even at all to either of my blots. I could make a million excuses as t why but it is just it…excuses. There is no reason I could not have posted. I just did not. With that said; I am rearranging a lot of things in my life, and trying some new things to see if it brings me a greater peace and more calm. So far, it is still a work in progress.

Still aggravated by the fact that I did the 30 day NaBloPoMo and only through Day 26 shows on my blog page. Not anything I can do about it so I am just letting it pass now. My dashboard shows all 30 days posted. Something wonky with WordPress.

Back to my devotionals on my other blog here. Starting a new three day plan. Plus I got my prayer journal and will be starting that on February 1. Putting a lot more of my faith, my trust, and myself into and of the Lord.

It was said once by someone that I simply dabble in blogging. Perhaps that is what I do but it helps me and gives me a release. But dabbling in something is not always a bad thing. Getting your feet wet is sometimes all you have to do. For a long time I let my blog dictate me and what I wrote about.

So here we are in 2019, and we are moving forward. That’s the best way to go, too.