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WWBC – Topic(s) I could give an impromptu speech on

The topic for this week’s Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is Topic(s) I could give an impromptu speech on. Considering I did impromptu speaking in middle school and high school (and excelled at it) there is quite a few things I could give these speeches on.

In school I did speeches on animal husbandry, citrus production, horse raising, sheep, and horticulture. In my current life, I think I could give impromptu speeches on the following topics:

Marvel Comics – I love Marvel and the comics. There are some I know more than others and I know a few different timelines/universes. I have seen all of the Marvel movies, multiple times; and have comics. I have had open conversations with people on many different levels of Marvel and Marvel comics.

The State of Florida – born and raised, Florida is my home and I know quite a bit about it.

Sharks – I have watched enough shark week, read enough books and watched enough documentaries about sharks I could give a speech with out having to look anything up.

And while my brain has come to a stop (not very impromptu of me) my husband would tell you that I am a trivia queen and can talk about just about any topic thrown at me. I enjoy learning and knowing things, and while I may can only think if three topics I could do a speech on in an impromptu session now, I am sure if I was actually put up to it; there would be ton more I could speak on.

Thanks to LongandShortReviews for hosting this challenge. You can get the list here: