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Five Things I Love About My Body

I was given a topic to write on that has been a hard one for me. We all tend to dislike things about ourselves, sometimes our whole package. We believe we are too fat, ugly, have too much of something or too little of something. Our nose is too big, our chin sticks out to far, etc., etc., etc. So when I was given the topic to write about five things I love about my body I thought there is no way I can write this.

Then I studied myself. Really studied myself and found the following:

  1. My legs – even when I am not at an ideal healthy weight, my legs posses a strength and tone to them that is great. I know this is from all my days of dancing when I was younger and it’s nice to know that something I love is still a part of me.
  2. My stretchmarks – all of my stretchmarks come from having my three children and so they to me are a reminder of their existence. They show that I made life, I carried a baby for nine months, and these are the scars to show that triumph.
  3. My smile – though sometimes a bit crooked, my smile is strong, genuine, and real. It lights up my whole face and is a big part of who I am.
  4. My height – I use to think I was short, but then I found out my height is pretty average for a woman. Regardless of what others may think of it; my height is perfect for me.
  5. My face – I am not pretty, but I am also not ugly. I wouldn’t call myself plain, but I don’t think I am radiant either. My face is my face and it shows me. There are scars, wrinkles, and other things to show the years but those are my years and my reminders.