2020, NaBloPoMo, Thursday

Last Hour of Internet

Flash Forward, the internet is going away – forever – and you have one hour left to spend on it. What would you do with your last hour of internet?

For me this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Then I really started thinking about what would I miss the most about the internet if I lost it. I would spend my final hour on the internet downloading all the pictures I had, downloading music, downloading ebooks to read/listen to, and saving scripture.

The pictures are an obvious, we take so many digitally now that many people don’t ever have a printed copy of a picture. If the internet went away; I would lose a lot of memories and I wouldn’t want that so I would take part of the time I had left and download as many of the pictures myself and my husband have on Facebook and save them to a hard drive or USB so they could be pulled back up and not lost.

All of the music I listen to I stream through Spotify so I would take time to get as much music as I could downloaded so I could listen to it with out having to stream it.

The same goes with the books I read, most of them I listen to on an audio reader or they are an e-version of the book itself. I realize I could just buy the books but since I have so many already purchased, I would be sure to download them so they could be accessed.

I will always have a hard copy of the bible I can refer to for scripture but some people have taken time to put pieces of scripture to beautiful pictures and I’d like to be able to keep those to reflect back on. If the internet was gone, I would lose that ability.

What do you think how you would spend this hour says about you? I think it shows where my priorities are, in saving things that are meaningful to me. I am sure some people would say they’d spend their last hour on social media or playing a game they’d never be able to play again. But this seems foolish to me as you may lose things that you can never get back without taking the time to save them somewhere else.

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  1. I keep copies of most everything I have here. I suppose I would make time to let the people I love from this world how to find me in the real one. 🙂 Thanks for the ponder! (P.S. For other Peppers to find you, if you tag NanoPoblano2020, you’ll show up in our reader!)


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