2020, NaBloPoMo

My Blogging Content Ideas

I had someone who reads my blog that isn’t a blogger asking me where I get my blogging ideas from. So I thought, why not make that a topic I use for a blog I write; and since I need topics for NaBloPoMo anyways, why not write one that may be a little boring but at least gives some idea to where I get my ideas for my content.

Are you ready for this…it’s a big one…

I get my ideas from…just pulling them out of a hat (figuratively speaking). Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I write on it. Sometimes it is a weekly thing like the Top Ten Tuesday or my WWBC. Sometimes I Google – Blog Topics, fun blog topics, things to write about on your blog. Sometimes I get ideas from Pinterest, sometimes they come from other blog posts.

There is no real secret to it. I don’t write for any particular reason other than for myself; which I have expressed multiple times. I’m not trying to impress anyone or make money doing this, I do it because I enjoy it. I will fade off for a while then pick back up. Sometimes I am good about posting regularly, then there are times I don’t post for months. I hope that by doing NaBloPoMo again I will get myself into a regular routine and write more regularly, maybe not daily like the challenge dictates but at least a few times a month at least.

So as boring as that is and sounds, that is where my content topics come from, I just sort of pluck them out of the air. Guess my blog is as crazy and disorganized as I am. Hope you decide to keep reading despite that.