2020, My Thoughts

Things of 2020

The list below is things of 2020. Things I learned. Things I realized. Things I accomplished, or failed to accomplish. Just the things of 2020.

– Decided to start fasting and lost 46 lbs.
– That I sucked at keeping up with my reading challenge when I didn’t have book club to go to; and wasted quarantine by not reading more books.
– Months of quarantine and I didn’t blog at all but a little bit in November.
– I shouldn’t start NaBloPoMo cause I never finish it.
– To lean HARD on my faith and belief.
– I am thankful for my job and the people I work with – even if it is/has been remotely.
– Covid sucks.
– JUDGEMENT – people are very, very judgmental – and the ones for so long who preached at the highest that they were not judgmental people are the ones judging the hardest.
– Everybody has a different outlook and you aren’t going to convince anyone that yours is better or right.
– There are some very selfish people out there for multiple reasons – myself included.
– Politics.
– I’ve said this before but it still stands true – and I learned it to be true even more over this year: I can have my own opinions, beliefs, feelings, thoughts…and you will tell me I can have them until they aren’t your opinions, beliefs, feelings, thoughts – then they are wrong.
– My faith is stronger than I thought it was.
– You can find a song for any situation.
– I have an amazing group of people in my life.
– Prayer is an amazing thing.