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Coming Back

Oh I have written this post probably a dozen times or more. I am going to start writing again, and then I do and then I stop; and then I start again with the I’m coming back, I’m writing again.

It’s a vicious, vicious cycle I like to play with myself. Because I really do want

And every time I say it will be different. That THIS time I will stick with it. My intentions are well, but we all know what they say about good intentions.

No promises this time. No this time it will be different. No empty words that I probably won’t stick to. But I am writing again. I am coming back, and if it be for good this time – then YAY! If I fade off again, then there is no difference to how I have been in the past.

At least I am consistent.

I do miss writing. I have a bunch of drafts saved, but never finished or posted. I miss doing the Top Ten Tuesday. I miss expressing myself through my words.

So back to it, for the moment at least. Perhaps this moment will stay and not be fleeting as before. I appreciate you if you take the time to read my nonsense and ramblings. I appreciate that maybe my words are reaching someone, somewhere.