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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is on Halloween. Halloween things. That Artsy Reader Girl shared with us Halloween things she’s never experienced. And while I was shocked at her admission of having never seen a Tim Burton movie, I understand he’s not for everyone. I decided since this was kind of a freebie so to say, I would give my Top Ten Favorite Halloweenish Things.

1. Decorations.
I love Halloween decorations. The ghosts, goblins, bats, and witches. I love the colors with the blacks, greens, oranges, and purples. I love the Frankenstein monsters, vampires, and ghouls. Zombies, graves, flickering candle lights. Black cats.

I do draw the line at gore, blood, and guts. I don’t think it is spooky in any way; and actually feel it is tasteless.

2. Candy
Yes, I know, you can get candy any time of the year. You can get large candy or small candy at any. time. of. the. year. But there is just something about Halloween candy. The colors of it, the decor of it, the shapes. It just makes it fun.

If you haven’t figured it out this is one of my favorite things about Halloween. I love to dress up. When I have regular parties for birthdays, etc.; I theme them and ask people to dress up.

4. Scary Movies! Halloween Movies!
I love scary movies. Horror is probably one of my favorite genres. And while I don’t like slasher films; hauntings, psych thrillers, possessions I could watch over and over. Fun, though slashers aren’t on my list so to say, I have watched plenty of them; and my favorite scary movie is the original Halloween.

Then you have the Halloween genre ones like Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Mr. Boogedy

5. Kids
The joy of little kids, big kids, teen kids, adult kids, all kids during Halloween is great. There is excitement. It is fun for them to dress up, trick or treat, go to haunted houses, tell ghost stories, feel ominous. I guess some of it is that I myself am one of the adult kids I mention.

6. Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches, Hay Rides
All remind me of fall, and of Halloween.

7. Reading/Telling Scary Stories
I guess a lot of this falls into the same line of liking to watch the scary movies. The suspense and the feeling you get at being scared is a thrill for me.

8. Halloween Treats
Pumpkin shaped cookies. Frankenstein/Ghost rice krispie treats. Pumpkin shaped sandwiches. Oreo bats. Oreo ghosts. Candy Corn popcorn. Worm pudding. Witches Brew. I could go on and on and on and on.

9. Halloween Themed Slime
Witches slime in purple and green. Pumpkin slime in orange. Vampire slime in black and red.

10. Spooking or Booing your friends and neighbors
I haven’t spooked or booed someone in a long time but wanted to do so this year and just didn’t have the time/effort with other things going on. But there is something fun and exciting in filling a bag, bucket, or plastic pumpkin with little Halloween gifts and leaving them on the door step of an unexpecting friend or neighbor.


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