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Friday Five Writing Prompt Challenge

Today’s five words to use as your prompt are: column, predict, girl, employ, packet

The girl walked into the large glassed building with the packet gripped tightly in her hand. She was excited, for once in her life she was doing something that her heart had always dreamed. It took a while for her to make the right moves but it was finally coming around. How could she predict that not only would she be in the movie but would have the starring role? She had to employ all the tips her mother had given her years before. She walked up to the front desk with a determined look on her face and said, “Good Morning, I am here to see Mr. Blackwell.” The large gentleman behind the desk asked if she was talent or agent. “Talent,” she responded confidently. He instructed her to sign her name in the left column of the sign-in book and asked to her to have a seat while he let Mr. Blackwell’s assistant know she was there. As she took the seat, her heart swelled with joy; this was going to be the best thing ever in her life.

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