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Happy Birthday, Vayda

After not having a dog for over three years since Yogi passed. We got Vayda, a German Shepherd mix from Operation Pets Alive (OPA) as a rescue on January 31, 2021. The last 10 months have been fantastic. I am a dog person, and I have loved having a dog in the house again.

Been a little different having a big dog as opposed to a small dog like a Pug. But she is so smart, its ridiculous how smart this dog is.

She turns a year old this month but as a rescue we are not 100% sure what date her birth actually is. OPA says the 8th, the pound said on/around the week of Thanksgiving and the vet says around the 18th of the month. This post is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAYDA and thank you for the last ten months of silliness, love, and laughs.

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