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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love An Update On

Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) is Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?) This one is going to be fun. Thank you to Artsy Reader Girl for keeping this going. I have had a blast doing these topics and reading the other’s responses. It has also lead me to some new books.

FAIR WARNING: Below contains some spoilers to the books – continue reading at your own risk.

The characters from the Caraval Series – I would love to know how and what Scarlett and her sister Tella are doing? How is Legend, what is Jacks up to, and sly but charming Julian. I wish that Stephanie Garber would do stand alone books for the characters and dive more into their back and future stories. Perhaps that is what her next series dives into.

The characters from All Souls Trilogy – How are Diana and Matthew? How are the twins? What happened to Gallowglass, did he find his love? I know that Deborah Harkness was working on additional books for some of the characters but there are so many questions I have about the ones I fell in love with in the series.

My all time favorite series right now, and some of the characters that I absolutely fell in love with Folk of Air – what is going on in the lives of Cardan, Jude, Taryn, Locke, Vivienne, Oak? Are they in Elfhame or the human world? Did Oak go to school in the human world? Did Taryn have her baby?

Not a series but would love to have a second book or more info on the characters from Stephenie Meyer’s book The Chemist. Mostly want to know more adventures of Alex aka Dr. Julie Fortis. I was excited to her that they might make this a series or movie and I hope they do so soon.

Lazlo, Sarai, Minya, Ruby, Sparrow – the characters from Strange the Dreamer Series. Though I was happy with the way the book ended, I long for more about the characters and Lazlo and Sarai’s life together and the adventures they could have.

Nora Robert’s Circle Trilogy has some great characters that while given a slight closure also left a lot of openings for more of each. The sorcerer Hoyt, Hoyt’s vampire brother Cian, the witch Glenna, the warrior Blair, the shape-shifter Larkin and Larkin’s scholar-princess cousin Moira. I would have loved if there would have been spin offs of the couples – Hoyt and Glenna, Cian and Moira, Blair and Larkin. Would love to know more about how their lives went; especially Cian and Moira.

Again, not a series but Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell was an excellent read and I would love to know more about how the relationship between Eleanor and Park panned out. What did she write on that post card? Did they stay in touch after that post card?

Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters is another book I would have like to have known more about the characters. Though we are lead to believe we know what happened to Caitlin Somers, the book leaves it for the readers imagination which is why I think there is more to the story for Caitlin and that Victoria is the one to find it out.

The Riders Series has some really interesting characters in it I would love to know more about. We get Gideon Blake’s background story, how he becomes War, and how he moves forward in the two books Riders and Seeker but we are introduced to his other riders (Conquest, Famine, and Death) and given a glimpse of how they became the rider they are but not their full back story, I would love to know more. And I would love to know so much more about Daryn.

And although I haven’t finished it yet, I know I am going to yearning for more of Lou and Reid when I finish the Serpent & Dove series. I have fallen in love with these characters and where this story is taking them, I am soaking up every minute of it. I am about to start the third book Gods & Monsters and cannot wait to see how this all wraps up.

If you’d like to read the other’s responses to this weeks TTT topic click here. To see the list of topics for TTT click on the picture below:

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love An Update On”

  1. I feel like we’re going to get an update on Eleanor & Park someday — somehow. Not a sequel necessarily, but whether in the background of another novel (if we can ever drag Rainbow back to the realm of contemporary fiction!), or in a short story, or even some exclusive/special-edition something-or-other, too many people have questions about that deliberately-open-ended ending for me to believe that’s 100% done FOREVER.


  2. I haven’t thought about Summer Sisters in ages, but that was a fantastic read for sure. I’d also like to have a sequel for it now that you mention it!

    Thanks for stopping by my post recently.


  3. I’ve been wanting to read that Holly Black series. and I love the All Souls premise.

    The only RR book I’ve read was Fangirl but I wouldn’t mind an update on them either!


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