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Friday Five Writing Prompt Challenge

Today’s five words to use as your prompt are: revoke, pudding, country, tender, approve

Meredith stood and watched as the ship pulled away. She would never see her country again but she knew this was the right thing to do. She just wished she could have talked Rodney into coming with her. It was impossible for him to understand, and although he was always there for her; the other girls did not approve of her or her rough ways.

As she moved about the ship, making her way through the crowds of people, she knew exactly who she could make a mark. By the time they reached the shore, she would have picked the pocket of almost a quarter of the people standing around her. And they wouldn’t even know till they were off the boat, plenty of time for her to disappear and start anew.

The steward was walking around checking tickets and class rankings to be sure the riffraff was not mingling with the wealthy folk. She knew she needed to be quick if she was going to hit anyone today. As she rounded the corner after lifting a watch, the steward caught her arm, “ticket, please!” “Excuse me,” was all she could get out. “I need to see your ticket, please,” he repeated. Crap, she thought, he was going to send her down to the belly of the boat, and now he knew her face as well. “Madam?” he emphasized as she stared at him. “Here!” she said as she shoved the crumpled piece of paper at him. He looked over it with suspicion. “I am going to have to revoke your ticket, madam,” he said with a load of exasperation. “What? Why?” she asked as he put the ticket in the inside breast pocket of his coat. “You will need to return to the lower class,” he stated a little rudely. “FINE!” she spatted at him and started towards the door.

She made it to second class before realizing she had lost him in the crowds when she decided to make her way to the dining area. She walked up to the bar and confidently asked for a croissant and a tea. “How do you plan to tender?” the bar maid asked her. “I’m sorry, what?” she said a little confused. “Tender? How do you plan to pay? Do you have the funds now or should I charge it to your estate?” the bar maid explained. “Oh, umm…to my estate, please,” she answered; “and while you are at it, add some of that pudding as well.”

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