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Oh how life intertwines

The last few days have really shown me how small the world really is and how intertwined our lives can really be, even without us knowing it. They say God works in mysterious ways, and I have seen that very clearly this last week.

I have always been curious when I see that someone, I am friends with on Facebook knows another friend if I don’t know how that connection is rooted. Most of my friends on Facebook I know the root of the connection between the “mutual friend” aspect but occasionally something pops up and I am like – that’s interesting that they know each other.

I am even more dumbfounded when I see a connection between people, I know that I didn’t even know was there because there is no “mutual friend” link through Facebook. And sometimes things happen in these people’s lives, and I want to reach out and offer a congratulations or a sympathy but there are other variables that are there. There is the possibility of things being stirred that don’t need to be stirred. There is a chance that old wounds might be opened that don’t need to be, or that new ones may be made.

This current situation that has shown me the intertwining of life are closer than we think has also sparked some other feelings and curiosity in me. Parts of my life that were never built and maybe a hole that I know my never be filled. A whole separate part of my life that I may never know or be a part of; and maybe I am not supposed to be.

Lots of emotions and feelings. Putting this all in God’s hands for direction.

1 thought on “Oh how life intertwines”

  1. So absolutely true. I think the same things! That “what will others think” thing keeps me from reaching out a lot, and I often regret it. But so much intertwines, and if God wants it to happen, it will!


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