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When I thought I wanted to start a Podcast

Some time ago…and very pursuantly, I thought I wanted to start a Podcast. I was listening to about 4 different ones at the time, and saw that other people I knew were interested in them and I thought…I can do that.

And so I started, or I thought I did. I researched. I looked into microphones. I downloaded a recording app on my phone so if ideas came to me on the road or in the shower I could easily capture them. I talked to an acquaintance about being my partner and helping with editing and setting it up. I looked into monetary value. Facebook page. Twitter. Instagram. And on, and on, and on.

Like many other things I get an inkling for that die away – I assume that is because it is a spur of the moment thought and not an actual calling, this one died away. But it more so died away because I just couldn’t find the means to complete. I would still honestly love to have a Podcast – I mean I am really good at talking. Just ask anyone that knows me.

I was going through my phone yesterday and found the following in my notes as a mock content or draft to content I thought would be a good topic. I had decided that I was going to do my recordings for Wednesdays and Sundays.

Hello – it’s is Wednesday (date here) – this is Kelli and welcome to Your mom “THINKS” she’s cool. Although, I don’t think I’m cool, I know I’m cool my husband just hasn’t figured it out yet; kind of like he hasn’t figured out I am always right, which after 20 something years you would think he’d know.

This is my first (unofficial) episode. Yay, me! So Episode 1. Starting us off with a bang. And first I want to say Thank You! If you are listening to this I do sincerely appreciate it. Whether your friend, family, or just someone who said hey I am gonna check this one out – THANK YOU a million times over.

I had originally intended to make the first episode an intro, get to know me thing but that changed pretty quickly as I was in the process of setting up other episodes – so if you don’t know me gonna be a few before you do and if you do know me “heeeeyyy”

My topic for this episode is understanding – and what it means. It is a little hard to believe sometimes that understanding can mean something different. The way I understand and the way you understand the same situation could be the complete opposite of each other.

Does that mean that one of us is understanding wrong? That we are misunderstanding? Even un-understanding as I have heard someone say?

Our understanding of a situation or our misunderstanding of it a lot of times comes from emotion, but it can also come from our beliefs and the way we were raised.

Then there is just the understanding of a moment that can be just complete bewilderment – did I really just use the word bewilderment? What am I? 90? You know that moment where something is just so askew that your jaw drops and you go “WhaAAAaaattt?”

Now I am going to get all scholarly and give a better understanding – see what I did there – of this topic. By definition understanding is the ability to understand or comprehend a situation or action. And to understand perceive the intended meaning of (x y or z). So situation, actions, words.

The above definition is where a lot of our beliefs, background, even possibly morals come into our understanding of said thing, situation, event.

Understanding can also mean the power of abstract thought – this comes into play when learning something – yes I have an understanding of this subject. Educated, Intellect.

Understanding can be the judgement of a situation – such as that was my understanding based on the conversation – i.e. I didn’t get the birthday cake cause my understanding was she would.

Then there is sympathetic understanding. Where you are understanding to someone’s feelings. As an empath, I have this understanding. This understanding is probably one of the hardest and most skewed types of understanding. People want consistent understanding of their feelings, thoughts and emotions. It’s a craving that is wanted for that piece of completeness we want to feel and find. A true sympathetic understanding is available, and many Christians and believers have this and feel the connection through their relationship with Jesus.

But this understanding, the sympathetic one is the one that causes a lot of hurt feelings, dislike, and at times hate between people or towards another person or group of people.

And of course the one often referred to as the gentlemen’s understanding – we have an understanding between us. This is the understanding you make with a neighbor that you won’t complain about his tree if he doesn’t complain about your dog. Or an agreement with someone you don’t like to just stay out of each other’s ways. This is often a friendly understanding or one that requires a give and take on both sides. It’s not about logic or emotions, it is probably the simplest of understandings.

Now that I have bored you with what the word understanding means and then went more into detail about each – I hope you will return to hear my next podcast. I do promise they won’t all be this dull.

Who knows – maybe one day I’ll just start recording things and then you can listen to me ramble as well as read them.