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How I Find Blogging Ideas

This is kind of a boring topic but I had a few ask me how I came up with my ideas and topics for my posts. Some of them come from predetermined topics I get from Top Ten Tuesday list or the Wednesday Weekly Blog Post. I use to have others I could lean on… Continue reading How I Find Blogging Ideas

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Lion - Elevation Worship ft. Chris Brown & Brandon LakeGod of Jacob - Great I Am - King of Angels - Son of Man https://www.youtube.com/embed/apZEYgTpZxM Good For Me - Amy GrantYou get brave when I get shy, just another reason why https://www.youtube.com/embed/5PddJStucKQ A Thousand More - Thrive WorshipO, praise the Lord, the holy one O,… Continue reading Re[Play]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

Today's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween Freebie -which means it can be a list about anything we want Halloween related. Some will take the topic and still make it about books, but I am going to use this opportunity of a freebie to do something a little different. My top ten list… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie