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Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Words

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Favorite Words. These can be words that are fun to say, sound funny, mean something great, or make you smile when you read/hear them.

  1. Exhilarating – I think this word is fun to say. It is a great way to say something is fun with emphasis, and I feel it gets a bigger point across as to how fun or great something is.
  2. Bamboozled – who doesn’t like to say bamboozled?
  3. Joy – I like this word because it does not constitute happiness necessarily but a contentment in something. Many things can bring joy, and you can be joyful in any stage of life regardless of what is going on.
  4. Antidisestablishmentarianism – okay, it is not so much the meaning of this word than it is it is just fun to say. When I have grandkids it is going to be one of the first “big” words I try to teach them.
  5. Flabbergasted – I mean…come on…just say word; what is not fun about it?
  6. Schmooze – a much better way to describe manipulation, because that is basically what it is.
  7. Ruckus – I use this word a lot with my dog, especially when she is barking at people walking by.
  8. Cacophony – what a fun way to say “a mixture of something”.
  9. Asiago – yes, the cheese. I love to say this word. I have heard it pronounced wrong so many times. My favorite is when it is said like Ah sog ee o.
  10. Epiphany – The slightly toned-down “F” sound of a “ph.” Bookended by the “E” sound, “epiphany” refers to a sudden, profound realization or idea.

And just for fun, here are 5 words I really don’t like:

  1. Moist – *shudder*
  2. Considering – if you have to say this word you are not considering anything.
  3. Phlegm – *gag*
  4. Bequeath – I just don’t like this one, it sounds improper to say.
  5. Panties – they are underwear!

Thank you to That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting the Top Ten Tuesday. To see other’s picks for this weeks topic please click here. To see the topics for upcoming weeks click here.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Words”

  1. Love bamboozled and flabbergasted!! and making up word lists is always exhilarating, right?


  2. Panties really is a funny one. Who actually says that? I also cringe when I read books where adults refer to their stomachs as their “tummies.” I’ve never heard a real-life adult say that unless they are talking to children. Weird!

    Happy TTT!



    1. I get Victoria Secret Pink emails for sales and what not and it’s always “PANTIES” and I am like NO, just NO.

      Also, I don’t say tummy but I do say belly a lot – even as an adult.


  3. Awesome list! I do love bamboozled as a word — so much fun to read and to say. I think I have different associations/contexts with schmooze, though — I’ve always known it as chatting, sharing stories, etc. I guess if you’re schmoozing someone up, it’s with intent to make an impression or possibly to convince them of something, but I don’t associate it with manipulation. I love that you included awful words too — moist and phlegm? Ick.


  4. Great list! I love some of these words. Exhilarated and bamboozled are both excellent. 🙂 And don’t cheeses sometimes have the best names? I love asiago ha ha (the word and the cheese!!)


  5. This is a great list! Bamboozled and flabbergasted are amazingly fun words to say. And I definitely have to agree with you – moist is hands down the worst word in the English language, followed by ointment! I think it’s something about the “oi” sound.


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