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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge: Fantasy Animal You Wish Was Real

First, I want to take a moment and thank Long and Short Reviews for hosting the WWBC. I have a lot of fun with these topics and look forward to them.

So, mine is not a single animal – as I am sure there are many who have multiples on their lists. Cause if you are going to wish for a fantasy animal to be real, why stop at one?

This topic really made me think of Fantastic Beasts series in the Harry Potter world. I mean, honestly, there are a slew of fantasial creatures in that series.

Kelpies – also known as a water kelpie, they are of Scottish folklore. The usually are described as a black or green horse-like creature but in some lore they have the ability to transform to human form but keep their hooves. The usually are depicted with sea-reeds or seaweed in their hair, and are dripping wet. Kelpies are an amphibious species and are connected to bodies of water. Kelpies are known tricksters who tends to lead humans astray, often luring humans by pretending to be a lost or hurt horse. They then take the human into the water to then drown and eat them. Kelpies are Fae in nature. It is said you can tame a Kelpie with a magical bridle, and this is to your advantage as they have the strength of 10 horses. My favorite series Folk of Air has references to Kelpies in it. I know they seem horrific but who doesn’t want a water pony?

Phoenix – an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology, this creature regenerates and is reborn. It is associated with dying in flames, and rising again from the ashes. There is also a link to Egyptian lore.

Fenrir – Old Norse/Viking lore – Fenrir is the son of Loki and giantess Angerboda, is foretold to devour the sun before killing Odin. Knowing the prophetic evil he was said to bring, Fenrir is bound by the gods with magical chains where he will stay till he breaks free starting the events of Ragnarok. He is the beginning of the end. But he’s a giant wolf! In the Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok he is a minion of Hela’s.

Eevee – and all of it’s Eeveelutions. I have three kids all of whom where Pokemon fans. Since the beginning my favorite has been Eevee, who was originally supposed to be named Eon. Not only does it look like an adorable little fox, it has MULTIPLE evolution possibilities due to its unstable genetic code, all of which are awesome in my opinioen. I mean you have Eevee, Vaporeon (water), Jolteon (electric), Flareon (fire), Esepon (psychic), Umbreon (dark), Leafeon (grass), Glaceon (ice), Sylveon (fairy).

Gryphon – a mythical creature chimeric in species with the body, tail and back legs of the lion; head, wings and talons of an eagle – the gryphon has links in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Indian, and medieval lore. The gryphon has become a Christian symbol of divine power and guardianship. In many heraldry the females are winged and the males are not. Gryphons are known as being intelligent creatures, sometimes capable of speech; and are known to mate for life. It is said they originate from the Caucasus Mountains.

Ludo – one of my absolute favorite movies is the movie Labyrinth. Ludo is probably my favorite character from the movie. Ludo has power over rocks. He is a gentle creature.

To see what others had to say about which fantasy animal they wish was real in this weeks WWBC click here. To see the list of topics for the rest of the year, click on the photo below:

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge: Fantasy Animal You Wish Was Real”

  1. Okay, so I was going to vote for Eevee (or possibly Fenrir — the idea of a wolf who could kick off the end of the world sounds like my ideal pet at this point) but then you had to bring in Ludo, and out of everybody that I’ve seen so far on this prompt, I want the world to have more of Ludo.

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