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Pet Peeve – School Zones

We all have pet peeves. I have plenty, I can assure you. But one that sits at the top of my list and has for many, many, many years; even before I was a parent is school zones.

There is a reason there is a slower speed limit in school zones. There is a reason there are crossing guards in school zones. You are operating a killing machine. You can slow down for two minutes while you drive through the school zone.

And if you don’t, I believe there should be special place in hell for you. I saw a kid get hit in a school zone while crossing a street with a crossing guard because some idiot decided that because they were running late they were 1. going to speed in the school zone (among other places) and 2. not stop for the crossing guard. Both the kid and the guard got hit. Well guess what now buddy? Now you are even LATER because now you have to deal with this.

Your decisions and actions have consequences. Sometimes it is not worth it.

The area I live in has an extend school zone because of the number of kids that walk or bike ride to the elementary school. Hardly anyone slows down till they get close to the actual school building and some don’t even slow down there.

The ones that really get me, are the ones that speed through the school zone and then turn INTO the school. Really?

To the poor crossing guard that had the horn blown at her for doing her job and trying to assure these children get to school safe. I know it startled you, I am sorry that guy decided to be a tool and wanted you to hurry the kids up so he could speed past them just to get stopped at a red light.

Just slow down, it’s not that hard and really doesn’t take that much of your time. It’s a decency.