2022, Blogging

How I Find Blogging Ideas

This is kind of a boring topic but I had a few ask me how I came up with my ideas and topics for my posts.

Some of them come from predetermined topics I get from Top Ten Tuesday list or the Wednesday Weekly Blog Post. I use to have others I could lean on as well such as Girl Talk Thursday and Friday Five Writing Prompt Challenge but both of those have seem to have ended.

I remember days of Musical Mondays and Wordless Wednesday but those seem to have faded away as well over the years.

Sometimes something just pops into my head and I write about it. I wonder sometimes if it is too controversial. I have things in my drafts I should finish and post. I just don’t always have time to write or to finish what I start.

November is going to be fun coming up with ideas and topics. I try to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and have for many years I have been blogging on and off. It is not always easy to find something to post about every day but it is definitely a challenge I enjoy as it allows me to have a reason to write which I do greatly enjoy.