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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge – SciFi/Fantasy Book I’d Like To Visit

The topic for today’s WWBC is a SciFi/Fantasy book I’d like to visit. I took that as meaning the world, the characters, the whole aspect of the book. I actually have two that immediately came to mind.

The first would be Elfhame from The Folk of Air Series by Holly Black. I absolutely love this series, I think it is my favorite ever – or well so far – of all books/series I have read. I love all the characters, I love the plot, I love every book in the series; and I was very pleased with the way it ended. The series consists of the three main books The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and The Queen of Nothing; as well as three sub books The Lost Sisters, How The King of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories, and A Visit to the Impossible Lands.

Elfhame consists of four islands. Insmire, Insear, Insweal, and Insmoor in the middle. The islands are connected by partially submerged rocky paths that allow one to move from one island to the next. Insmire contains the Palace of Elfhame, Madoc’s stronghold, and Hallow Hall. Insmire is where most of Elfhame lives.

I would love to spend time with all of the characters of the book: Jude, Cardan, Locke, Taryn, Oak, Vivienne, Madoc, Oriana, Valerian, The Roach, The Bomb, and The Ghost. I would love to be a member of Court of Shadows.

Map from Folk of Air Wiki on Fandom.com

The second would be the worlds in the Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber. Isla de los Sueños, The Conquered Isle of Trisda, and Valenda. Especially Isla de los Sueños, Legend’s private island, where Caraval is held. The island is not ruled by the Five Empires and transforms into an amazing world of mystery and magic during the nights of Caraval. And there are so many places on the island to visit: La Serpiente de Cristal, The Glass Tavern, Castillo Maldito, Carousel of Roses, The Dress Shop, Hatter and Haberdashery, Odette’s Ocular, Casabian’s Clocks

While I wouldn’t want to encounter any of the Fates; I believe I would have a blast with the other characters Scarlett and her sister Donatella, Julian, Legend, Jacks, Aiko.

All three books in this series are great, but the first Caraval, and the last Finale are my favorite. And I just recently found out there is a spin-off series Once Upon a Broken Heart that has been added to my TBR list and will be read very soon.

Map from Caraval Wiki on Fandom.com

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge – SciFi/Fantasy Book I’d Like To Visit”

  1. There are some worlds that would just be fabulous to visit. Elfhame sounds awesome. I think for me Middle- earth would be a top choice, and Dinotopia too (even though it’s more of a kids’ story I just love that world, especially staring at the maps). 🙂


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