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Thirty Things I Am Thankful For

The month of November always brings about 30 Days of Thanks and people posting on their social media daily of things they are thankful. I get the idea and have participated, and that it being in November links it with Thanksgiving. But I have often wondered why we only do this in the month of November. Shouldn’t we be thankful for things all year long?

So this is my obligatory declaration of thanks for the month of November. I am going to get it all done in one sitting. Not in any particular order…

  1. Avocados – my favorite food
  2. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Parmount, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc., etc., etc. – because DUH
  3. Giraffes – my favorite animal
  4. My husband – sure we drive each other nuts, but I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else
  5. My robot vacuum – house would honestly not be clean without it
  6. Music – I think this is self explanitory
  7. The Beach – the beach, the ocean, the salt water, dives (when I can get under the water)
  8. My mom – she’s pretty special
  9. Hot showers – because sometimes you just need to melt the day away
  10. Marvel – all of it, comics, the MCU, Disney+ shows
  11. My kids – Robert, Alexander, and Samantha, my best accomplishments
  12. Amazon – it is the Walmart of the internet
  13. Dresses – because if I was in better shape I would wear them every day
  14. Pedicures – I think they may be a small piece of Heaven on Earth
  15. Everything but the Elote Seasoning – it is good on almost EVERYTHING – especially eggs
  16. Audiobooks – I’d probably never read again if I didn’t have the option of someone else reading it to me
  17. My Mother in Law – she’s pretty special as well
  18. Vayda – she is a nuisance at times but I love that dog
  19. Hugs – sometimes they make everything wrong right
  20. Garbage collectors – thank goodness someone is willing to do the dirty jobs
  21. Fire Places – didn’t know how much I would appreciate them till the Texas Freeze in 2021
  22. Friends – endless love from people who don’t even have to like you
  23. Good Health – I can only thank God that my health and my family’s health has remained good
  24. Sunsets – I have seen some absolute gorgeous ones, and God proves why is is the best artist
  25. Miami Dolphins – who are doing quite well this year
  26. Sadness – while sadness isn’t fun, it helps us to appreciate things more and builds our perseverance
  27. Memories – good ones, bad ones, happy ones, sad ones
  28. Socks – cause no one likes cold feet
  29. Social Media – while it can be a harm, I wouldn’t be connected with some people without it
  30. God – for those who believe, you know there is a whole lot to thank Him for, starting with Jesus

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