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2023 Bucket List

I wrote a post about a bucket list back in 2018 about things for 2019 and beyond. It also happened to be for National Blog Posting Month. In that post I stated that I was going to set goals for each year, a “to do” list for the year, things I was going to make sure happened.

Unfortunately, after reading the post from 2019, I failed at it. Of course 2020 didn’t help some of it – a girls night once a month, seeing at least three concerts, saving money for weekly trips in 2020, scuba diving 5 times in 2020 – just to name a few. So I don’t feel totally bad about not holding up to those promises I tried to make myself.

So here is a Bucket List I would like to try to achieve for 2023. Some of these are similar to things I mentioned in 2018. Let’s hope I can hit these.

  1. Take Care of Me – This is always a hard one for me because I feel guilty when I spend time or money on myself. But I need to do more of it because I feel good when I do, and I am worth it. If I don’t take care of myself, no one else will; and I can’t take care of others.
  2. Read More – I actually listen to audiobooks more than I read actual physical books, but I would like to do more of both. I was in a book club that has sort of fallen apart as everyone involved in it has busy lives, but that shouldn’t stop me from reading. My TBR list has more books on it than I could probably possibly ever read or listen to but that doesn’t mean I can’t start knocking them off the list.
  3. Water Time – this has been on my list a lot for things I want to do but never accomplish. I am scuba certified but have issues diving because of my anxiety, so I need the water time to help with that. I do better with shore dives than boat dives but have missed many great dives cause I just can’t get under the water and it is all for nothing.
  4. Plan a trip – with my family and/or friends. Something big like Hawaii or Grand Cayman or Europe. Not necessarily to travel in 2023 on the trip but plan it and start saving.
  5. Meal Plan – I am going to be better about meal planning and cooking at home. It will help save money, and help us eat healthier.

All of these are achievable things if I just stick with them.