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Sketch Saturday

I saw a post last week that someone posted about some of their favorite sketches they found online or in stores, books, art shows, etc. So I decided this week I am going to do a Sketch Saturday.

The first one I would like to show is called The Waves of Grief and it is a sketch that was done by Lindy Simmons prior to her passing. If you don’t know her family’s store you can read more about it here; but Lindy and two of her siblings were tragically taken in a drunk driving accident. I stumbled on her older sister’s Katie’s TikTok in which she tells the story of what happened to her family and keeps her siblings memories alive.

The next one I found by Googling “sketches birds” and I just thought this one was interesting. The way the bird is made to look like a strawberry. Reminds me of fairy tales. This is from liz.art’s twitter. She calls it Strawberry Finch.

And the last two are sketches from Leonardo da Vinci.

Fetus in Womb
Drawing of High Heels