2022, NaBloPoMo

Perpetual To Dos

I have a “To Do” list that could keep me busy for the rest of my life it seems sometimes. My biggest problem is I don’t take the time to do these things or give them the priority that they deserve because I let other things overwhelm me and take up all of my time. Sometimes it is just plain laziness if I am being honest.

I want to start a Podcast, I think I could do a good job at it. But when would I have the time? And I would need a partner to help record and edit it, which I don’t currently have.

I want to do more TikToks, though that would embarrass my daughter, I am sure. But to me they are fun, and allow me to express myself in an abstract way.

The laundry room could use a good cleaning and reorganizing. There is a lot of space in there that is used up uselessly because it needs to be organized correctly.

I need to complete homemade gifts I started making like forever years ago. I have completed three now. One I have delivered to the person it was intended for, the other two I have placed somewhere to not forget them and I have none the less forgotten where I put them. Again, its the time.

I would love to learn another language or two. Spanish for sure, maybe French. I just don’t take the time to do it.

Another “To Do” that never leaves my list is organizing the closets – yes it’s been done but then it gets jumbled again. All of them in the house from the closet with sheets and blankets, to the front storage closet with gift wrap and party supplies, my master bedroom closet, my daughter’s closet, the guest room closet, my son’s room closet (though his is probably the most organized of them all), the armoire in the front that holds jackets and craft supplies, even the pantry all need readjusting, organizing, and probably a good cleaning out.

I want to exercise more and be more active. Which could easily be done if I went to bed at a decent time and woke up at a decent time.

I want to read my Bible more and spend more time with God. I do read daily, and do a Bible plan as well as a Bible meditation but there is more time I would like to give and I just don’t, which in return makes me feel guilty.

I have a TBR list that would take me multiple life times to read or listen to the audio books of, unless of course I actually took the time to read or listen to them.

Instead of doing any of the above, I overwhelm myself with work mostly; and once off work I either fret about house cleaning and laundry that is not done or I sit and watch TV which is no excuse at all because during that time I could be doing all the above things but I am usually so just worn from the day that I don’t want to do anything else but sit.

I guess what I am learning here is I need to find a way to mange my time better but even when I think I can or do…there is still so much that seems like it goes undone. Excuses seem to be my friend. I just need to find the motivation and then jump.