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That is currently the number of posts I have in drafts folder on this blog.

·        Fourteen.

Of course, one of those is a list of possible blog topics to write about. And there are at least twenty different topics listed there as possibilities.

·        Fourteen.

Seems like such a small number in the scheme of things.

·        Fourteen.

Three of them should be on my devotional blog.

·        Fourteen.

My poor neglected devotional blog.

·        Fourteen.

The oldest dated one is from 2018.

·        Fourteen.

So, why don’t I finish those fourteen. Many reasons…need more research on said topic, fear, embarrassment, laziness.

·        Fourteen.

Just finish them already, you write for yourself not for others. What am I waiting for.

·        Fourteen.

And instead of finishing one of those, I wrote this.

3 thoughts on “Fourteen”

  1. I have exactly fourteen drafts as well! That’s a funny coincidence.

    I’ll probably never revisit them. Some things are outdated, other things…. don’t get published for a reason. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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