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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Favorite Crafty Thing To Do

Each Wednesday, Long and Short Reviews hosts a weekly “blog hop” known as the Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge (WWBC). I have had a lot of fun participating in these weekly challenges and look forward to the rest of this year and new topics for 2023. To see what others had to say about this weeks WWBC click here. To see the list of topics for the rest of the year, click on the photo below:

I don’t think I have one particular crafty thing that would be my favorite. I don’t always consider myself a crafty person but like to do crafty things and I have dabbled in a lot of them over the years (painting, woodwork, jewelry making, writing, journaling, coloring to name a few). The ones below are perhaps what would be my “favorites” and are ones I do more occasionally than others.

Scrap Journaling – This is a favorite of mine because you don’t always have to write when you scrape journal, sometimes it is about the picture or drawing that you are using that expresses enough.

Coloring – I can color for hours. I love to color. I have multiple adult color books as well as some good old fashion kid ones and just enjoy then relaxation coloring gives me.

Writing – If I could just buckle down and finish something, I have about 8 book ideas and partially written stories that could actually turn out to be something good if I could just take the time to be crafty enough to finish one of them.

Makes me feel slightly boring compared to what some others have on their lists, and there are quite a few things I would like to try (cross-stitch, crochet, painting) I just don’t know if I have the patience to do those but perhaps it is just all about starting.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Favorite Crafty Thing To Do”

  1. I am really wanting to try a vision board, which is a lot like a scrap journaling. They look so fun and personal!

    Wow it must be great to be good at so much! Where do you find the time!?!

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  2. Colouring is a good answer and one I hadn’t considered. I like it, too. 🙂


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