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Writing Let Down

I do this all the time. I get on a kick. I write good and for a long period of time, or because I am doing a challenge like Nation Blog Posting Month in November, and then I fall to the way side and don’t write for weeks or months on end.

And it’s not because I don’t have things to write about or that I don’t want to write it is just because I let the laziness of not writing set in and it gets easy to just ignore it and not do it. But then I also become horrible about reading other’s blogs and commenting on their writings as well. And then I feel bad and guilty.

In my small defense; the holidays, breaking my foot, traveling to Florida, and the new year all kind of made things hectic as well but that should not be an excuse because people out there have more going on in their lives and find the time to write.

So yet again, I have had a writing let down. It is almost like my writing style is bipolar in nature where I have my manic and write like crazy and then I have the depressive and don’t write at all.

Here’s hoping this posts starts the end of that “let down” and I can get the words out that I want to get out.

To those who are still around. Thank you for sticking with me.

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