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What’s the story behind your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue. Any shade of blue. Specifically more drawn to the teal/aqua colors.

I think the reason for my love of blue is because it reminds me of water. Specifically the ocean. I love the ocean. And now that I am SCUBA certified there is so much more of it to enjoy.

Blue is also very calming to me. Sometimes when I feel frustrated or mad, I can look at something blue and feel calm.

It is amazing to me all the different shades. I think I read there are a 199 variations of the color blue and I don’t even know if that includes the teal/aqua colors as those tend to lean more green at times.

And all the animals with shades of blue in or on them.

Showing their beauty.

One shade of blue at a time.

Blue is just an amazing color.

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