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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Something I’m Proud of Doing

This weeks topic for the Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge is Something I’m Proud of Doing.

There are many things I could throw into this but I am going to go cliché on this as a mom and say having and raising my three kids.

My oldest is Robert, he will be 26 in May. My middle one is Alex and he is 21 today (02/01/23). My youngest is Samantha (aka Sam) and she is will be 17 in April.

I have no complaints about any of them. They are well behaved, well mannered, and good kids. I am constantly told by other people, both known to me and strangers, about how good my kids are. How mature they are. How well spoken they are.

And all three have dreams and ideas for their futures that they are working towards. My boys both have good jobs. Alex is in college. Sam wants to be a doctor and maintains A’s in her high school classes on her med track she is on.

I couldn’t be more proud of the three of them and the people they are and are becoming. It also makes me proud of myself and is one of the few things I will take pride in and brag about myself is that I have raised good kids.

Each Wednesday, Long and Short Reviews hosts a weekly “blog hop” known as the Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge (WWBC). I have had a lot of fun participating in these weekly challenges and look forward to the rest of this year and new topics for 2023. To see what others had to say about this weeks WWBC click here.  To see the list of topics for the rest of the year, click on the photo below:

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Something I’m Proud of Doing”

  1. I’m so happy to see this post. I’m a SAHM and struggle with a constant feeling of not doing enough, not accomplishing anything measurable and being seen as lazy. It feels good to see someone say that being a mom is their #1 accomplishment, because that’s how I feel too!

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  2. I like to say that I never tried to raise kids; I tried to raise future adults. Mine are a bit younger than yours, but it’s good to see them coming along. Definitely worth being proud of!


  3. Sounds like you’re doing a great job! Happy birthday to your boy, too! Good luck to your daughter, medicine is a tough field.

    I often doubt my parenting skills (mine are 21 and 23 this month), but the girls are happy and well-adjusted so I guess I haven’t flopped as much as I thought. 😀 Suppose I’ll find out when they’re 40?

    My post


  4. All that you’ve said is true, they are wonderful kids, oh sorry adults, almost, Sam. Love them all to pieces. But, you should be most proud of the wonderful, bright, lovely woman that you have become. I am extremely proud and honored to be your Mom. I raised one of the best in this world. Lu❤️💋

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  5. 100% yes. I feel the same way about my daughter. Nothing wrong with being proud of your kids, and of the hand you had in making them what they are.


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