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Music That Makes Me Think Of You

Every year in November, there is a challenge for bloggers known as National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I try to participate every year but don't always live up to the challenge. Posting daily can be stressful and sometimes feels forced. A few years ago, I was introduced to NanoPoblano which is a similar challenge but… Continue reading Music That Makes Me Think Of You

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Throwback Thursday

Decided to hit today up with a little TBT and pulled up some old pictures from old blog posts. Enjoy! This is my husband This is me Because even though she drives me crazy, I love her He's a lover not a fighter Because the unscripted ones are the most priceless Because she is her… Continue reading Throwback Thursday

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Ancestry and DNA

I found a feature on my Ancestry.com DNA, and I thought it was interesting. It breaks down where your DNA comes from from each of your parents. My DNA breakdown according to Ancestry is as follows: 48% England & Northwestern Europe (Green)33% Scottish (Light Pink)11% Irish (Blue)5% Germanic Europe (Orange)3% Wales (Dark Pink) The 3%… Continue reading Ancestry and DNA