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That is currently the number of posts I have in drafts folder on this blog. ·        Fourteen. Of course, one of those is a list of possible blog topics to write about. And there are at least twenty different topics listed there as possibilities. ·        Fourteen. Seems like such a small number in the scheme… Continue reading Fourteen

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Pet Peeve – School Zones

We all have pet peeves. I have plenty, I can assure you. But one that sits at the top of my list and has for many, many, many years; even before I was a parent is school zones. There is a reason there is a slower speed limit in school zones. There is a reason… Continue reading Pet Peeve – School Zones

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Random Trivia

It's been a while but here is another list of random pieces of trivia that live rent free in my brain. There was no Googling needed for these facts, they stay stuck in my head at all times. Did you know there is a difference between a cemetery and a grave yard? A grave yard… Continue reading Random Trivia