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Day Three: Ten Guilty Pleasures

We all have our things that we love and cherish. Things that people around us know we love. Hobbies of sorts that are part of our every day life. For example: I love Snoopy. Most everyone who knows me knows that I love Snoopy. But what about your guilty pleasure? The things you love that… Continue reading Day Three: Ten Guilty Pleasures

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World Cancer Day

Today is #WorldCancerDay. Today is a day to do what you can do. Everyone has the power to help reduce the impact of cancer on individuals, families and communities. I don’t have the financial resources to donate as I wish I could to help with research, or care. But I do have time and I can… Continue reading World Cancer Day

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My 10 Summer Must Haves

I was prompted on the idea for this thanks to the lovely, and wonderful Nicole and her post about 'Summer Must Haves'.  I have seen a few other lists as well on blogs, websites and in magazines.  Here is my ' 10 Summer Must Haves' List:  Sun Block – We currently favorite the following in… Continue reading My 10 Summer Must Haves