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Writing Let Down

I do this all the time. I get on a kick. I write good and for a long period of time, or because I am doing a challenge like Nation Blog Posting Month in November, and then I fall to the way side and don't write for weeks or months on end. And it's not… Continue reading Writing Let Down

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Pet Peeve – School Zones

We all have pet peeves. I have plenty, I can assure you. But one that sits at the top of my list and has for many, many, many years; even before I was a parent is school zones. There is a reason there is a slower speed limit in school zones. There is a reason… Continue reading Pet Peeve – School Zones

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Oh how life intertwines

The last few days have really shown me how small the world really is and how intertwined our lives can really be, even without us knowing it. They say God works in mysterious ways, and I have seen that very clearly this last week. I have always been curious when I see that someone, I… Continue reading Oh how life intertwines