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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes

Helpless Female/Damsel in Distress - while I understand why it is used, it is also overdone a lot - as is a Strong Female lead which can actually cause the opposite effect of what it is trying to do. But the helpless female/damsel in distress is clearly overused - especially in old literature and movies… Continue reading Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes

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Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

Today's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween Freebie -which means it can be a list about anything we want Halloween related. Some will take the topic and still make it about books, but I am going to use this opportunity of a freebie to do something a little different. My top ten list… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

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Rom Coms

What is it about Rom Coms? They are cheesy and stupid; and not at all how real life goes. But maybe that’s why we love them cause they are cheesy and stupid. And in some ways maybe they are how real life goes. Of course, there is also the hope of finding the love that… Continue reading Rom Coms